Updated April 2020

PRS Hockey started with a red & black color scheme. The shades of blue you see here is symbolic of the "water" mindset we work towards adopting. Every year it becomes more clear that the only way to do it, is the right way & the right way is not any one way. It is Holistic in nature opposed to Hockey specific. 


With that said, I (Peter) plan on offering more services in terms of mentorship programs, virtual sessions & off ice "training." I put training in quotes because the training is only the pretense for the real work, which is mental. It is subtle, understated & takes time, but now that there is a real sample size of players who have gone through the process & we have seen the changes they have made as human's, I am more motivated than ever to continue with my approach. Because it is hard to see, it is challenging to put a price tag on & lump literal hours with. It is something I handle separately with each player & family. I will update this a bit more clearly when the world settles in a bit. 



As we move forward with this approach, PRS will be linked with "9 and the Rose" as well. Check that out at www.9andtheRose.com. That is sort of my life project & will be more conceptual & universal of a platform. This site will provide tangible information.

With Gratitude,

Peter Russo

Practice Reflect Simplify