The website is under construction as I am evolving the program, in general, to be Holistic in nature opposed to Hockey specific. I left some background in the "History" tab which I will organize & streamline as well. There never has been and never will be, "sign up" options on the website, but I want to provide insight & education that anyone can apply how they wish. I am currently not taking on any new work or player's under the age of 18. It's impossible to scale our work & it's even more difficult to find families that can remain patient & understand process, growth & holistic development, without getting too antsy.


Currently the bulk of my work is consulting & overseeing the development picture of Professional, NCAA & Junior players, while working with the handful of younger kids that I have been with for a while. 


Please don't take it personal, I keep my volume at a level where I can give everything my all. Once that plate get's too full & I'm only giving 75% to everyone, I know I need to streamline it. I can't compromise the urgency in my bones that requires my entire self. I don't consider this my job, I consider this my platform to practice my purpose, out in the world. Otherwise, what's the point, you know?

Peter Russo

Practice Reflect Simplify